Cocoon Flight Comfort

The Travel Accessory That Makes a Difference

Tired of waking up from your commuting naps feeling cramped and with your neck hurting? Ready for a refreshing power nap that keeps your energy up and your neck and shoulders in good shape? Meet Cocoon Flight Comfort, an innovative portable pillow that ensures you get the rest you need wherever you are!

About Cocoon Flight Comfort

Cocoon Flight Comfort is a revolutionary travel pillow that ensures you rest well, whether traveling or taking a power nap at work. With an ergonomic design and the highest-quality materials, it inflates and deflates quickly, and you can pack it easily into your suitcase or carry-on bag.

Cocoon Flight Comfort -

The Full Potential Of Your Travel Time

Service / How Does It Work?

Cocoon Flight Comfort ensures maximum comfort with minimal effort. Inflate and deflate it effortlessly and enjoy the ergonomic sleeping position that relieves tension from the neck while blocking outside light when you put your head into the dedicated hole. Intuitive to use and positioned over the pull-out food tray, Cocoon alleviates neck pain while occupying very little space.

Cocoon Flight Comfort -

Time to rest easy!


Perfect For Your Neck

Unlike doughnut-shaped pillows, Cocoon Flight Comfort offers the ergonomic support your neck needs, turning every nap into a refreshing and energizing experience.


Inflate and deflate the Cocoon Flight Comfort pillow within seconds and pack it easily into any size bag.

Blocking The Light

With your comfort in mind, our innovative pillow blocks the outside light by putting your head into the dedicated hole.

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